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Bidders , be aware: When you download a bid package from this Internet site, you are responsible to check back at this site daily until the bid opening date, in case an "amendment" or change is posted.

DGS - Downtown Law Guidelines
Click on the link below to open the General Services' Downtown Law Guidelines.

Disposition Plan 2013
Click on the link below to open the 2013 Real Property Disposition Plan, May 1, 2013 Edition

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Real Estate

Leasing & Administration Division

* Forms preceded by an asterisk may be filled in online
* STD-291 Request for Budget Approval of Lease Action (Adobe PDF)
  STD-539 Leasehold Improvement Consent Form (Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-6 Lessor Identity Disclosure (Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-19 Proposal to Lease Space to the Commonwealth of PA (Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-30 Assignment of Rentals(Adobe PDF)
  GSRE-42M Contractor Responsibility Certification(Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-42N Acceptance of Leased Premises Inspection Report (Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-47 Agency Agreement/Limited Agent Authority(Adobe PDF)
  GSRE-54 Notice – Bureau of Real Estate is Sole Agent (Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-61 Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement (Adobe PDF)
  GSRE-63 Acknowledgement Usable Area Definition (Adobe PDF)
  GSRE-64 Consent to Release or Obtain Information and Contact Professional References (Adobe PDF)
  GSRE-65 Request for Lease Action (Adobe PDF)
  GSRE-66 Agency Leasehold Improvement Request (Adobe PDF)
* Vehicle Parking License Agreement (For Reserved Parking Spaces) (Microsoft Word)
* Vehicle Parking License Agreement (Not For Reserved Parking Space) (Microsoft Word)
* Changes to Vehicle Parking License Agreement (Microsoft Word)
* GSRE MLWA Master Lease Work Authorization  (Adobe PDF)

Real Estate Acquisition & Disposition Division

* Forms preceded by an asterisk may be filled in online
* GSRE-45 Surplus Real Property Report  (Adobe PDF)

Space Management Division

Forms preceded by an asterisk may be filled in online
* STD-564 Request for Space Allocation  (Adobe PDF)
* GSRE-HWA Harristown Work Authorization  (Adobe PDF)
* Work Order for Partition Modification  (Online application form)

If you are in need of a Real Estate Leasing & Administration Division form, and we have not supplied it to you in a format that you can use, please call us at 717-787-4394 (voice).



FAQ - Real Estate  
Q:  How do I submit a proposal to lease space to the Commonwealth?
Q:  How do I find out what Commonwealth land and property is for sale?
Q:  How do I submit a bid for the purchase of surplus real estate?
Q:  How do I search for Commonwealth-owned lands and buildings?
Q:  How can I be added to the Real Estate Contact List when new listings are posted to the website?