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How do I Report Unsafe Driving, Improper Use, of a State Vehicle?

Report an Accident?

Receive approval for repairs after normal working hours?

Find 2014-2015 approved Service and Tire vendors?




Management Directive 615.16

Subject: Commonwealth Fleet Policy

Number: 615.16

This directive establishes provisions for the acquisition, assignment, operation, use, disposition, and maintenance of motor vehicles, which are purchased, monitored or maintained by or under the supervision of the Department of General Services (DGS) and subsequently utilized by agencies to conduct official Commonwealth business.


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Management Manual 615.3

Subject: Commonwealth Fleet Procedures Manual

Number: M615.3

This manual is designed to provide guidelines and procedures for operators of Commonwealth Fleet vehicles.  The authority for this manual is derived from Management Directive 615.16, Commonwealth Fleet Policy.

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Commonwealth Procurement Handbook, Part II, Chapter 18

Subject: Commonwealth Vehicle Procurements

Number: Procurement Handbook, Part II, Chapter 18

This procedure is used by Commonwealth agencies to purchase passenger and non-passenger vehicles that require a certificate of title and license and are necessary for the proper Conduct of Commonwealth business in accordance with Management Directive 615.16, Commonwealth Fleet Policy

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FAQ - Vehicle  
Q:  Drop off my vehicle for service before hours?
A:  Fill out the drop off envelope located in the Earl
Q:  Should I use nitrogen in my tires?
A:  Nitrogen is recommended for tires.
Q:  If I have a flex-fuel vehicle and use ethanol, can I use gasoline also?
A:  Ethanol and gasoline can be mixed
Q:  How do I know if I can use ethanol in my vehicle?
A:  Vehicles labeled “FF” flexible fuel emblem.
Q:  Where is the Commonwealth fueling facility?
A:  2221 Forster Street, Harrisburg.
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