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Welcome to the Federal Surplus Property Program Home Page!  




Provides federal surplus property such as medical equipment, vehicles, office supplies, furniture, kitchen equipment, and much more to eligible to Pennsylvania municipalities, emergency services, schools, and other nonprofit organizations. Any time that a federal agency declares an item excess to its needs, it is first offered to any other federal agency for its use.  If no interest is expressed among federal agencies, the property becomes surplus, and is available for donation to eligible nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations at a nominal service charge to cover the costs of administering the program.


Through this program, we are able to place millions of dollars worth of property back into public use in Pennsylvania, saving donee's taxpayers $2-$3 million annually.


For additional information regarding eligibility, property availability, program regulations, please follow the Quick Links to each section.


We look forward to serving your surplus needs!


Federal Surplus Property Program Eligibility

Most nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations qualify. Examples of eligible organizations include:

Councils of Governments
Colleges and Universities
Licensed Day Care Centers
Public Libraries
Fire and Rescue Departments
Shelters and Food Banks
Providers of Assistance to the Needy and Low Income
Scout Troops
Red Cross

Veterans Organizations with Verifiable Education and/or Health Programs

Small Business – 8 (a) Contractors only Click Here For Additional Program Information

Complete the eligibility application at the link below. Or for more information, please contact Tasha Long at (717) 772-1733


Federal Surplus Application (PDF)



Pick-Up and Delivery for the Federal Surplus Warehouse

GPS Address:

2200 State St.

Harrisburg, PA


From our office address of 2221 Forster Street, Go out of the main parking lot and turn left. 

At stop sign, turn left onto Parkway Boulevard. 

Turn left before going through the traffic light at State Street. 

Pass the State Street Commons Plaza and go through the automatic gate. 

Go straight through the parking lot to the green fence.

Go through that gate, turning left and the docks will be on the left.


The Federal Surplus Property program is covered by Federal nondiscrimination laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, age, disability and sex”



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 Federal Surplus Chief

 (717) 787-9724



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TSA Property available for sale in the Distribution Center in Harrisburg and ONLINE HERE!!!


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