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About Us Engineering and Architecture  
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The Department of General Services supervises, coordinates and oversees the design, bidding and construction of a wide range of public improvement projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Once design professionals have been selected, the Bureau of Engineering and Architecture oversees the design process until the project is ready to bid.

FAQ - Project in Design  
Q:  How do I apply for a Vendor (Design Professional, Contractor) ID #?
A:  Complete the Procurement Vendor Registration
Q:  Once a design firm is selected, who should they contact initially?
A:  They will be contacted by the Bureau.
Q:  What is the process for applying as a Construction Management firm with the Commonwealth?
A:  This is an open-enrollment contract.
Q:  What is the process for applying as a Commissioning Agent for the Commonwealth?
A:  This is an open-enrollment contract.
Q:  Where do I find the advertisement for projects requesting design firm services?
A:  Our website will list all projects requesting.
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Click here for Driving Directions to the Bureau of Engineering & Architecture, which is located at the Public Works Complex, 18th & Herr Streets, Harrisburg, PA  17125

Contact Information  
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Engineering & Architecture
Contact Information

Gary Taylor, PE
(717) 787-6200

David Folk, PE
Executive Portfolio Manager
(717) 346-4021

Laura Kita
Administrative Officer
(717) 787-6200

Nancy Crider
Submissions Office
(717) 787-7018