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Forms - Professional Selections - Form 150-ASP



The Department of General Services has revised the procedure it uses in procuring the services of Architects and Engineers. Effective January 1999, the Form 150, Architect/Engineer Questionnaire and Form 150-S, Specific Project Form, have been replaced by the Form 150-ASP, Application for Specific Project  (Microsoft Word Template).

The Form 150-ASP, which is project specific, will be the only form now required when submitting an application to the Department of General Services for consideration as a design professional.

Instructions for filing an application will be included in each project advertisement, which can be found on our Home Page, and through our Official Announcement, which will be found in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

The Form 150-ASP can be downloaded for your use in making future submissions by following the instructions found below.

Form 150-ASP may be obtained in hard copy.  Your written request for hard copy should be addressed to the Selections Committee, Department of General Services, 18th and Herr Streets, Harrisburg, PA 17125. In addition, the Form 150-ASP can be obtained via e-mail by addressing your request to nspade@pa.gov.

Questions concerning this form or submitting a complete submission can be directed to the Professional Selections Section of the Bureau of Professional Selections and Administrative Services, phone (717) 783-8468.



The DGS Form 150-ASP was created in Microsoft Word 97 as a template file type. This file type safeguards the user from unintentionally deleting or changing the file format. When downloading this form, you must save the DGS Form 150-ASP in the Template folder on your computer's hard drive. This will ensure that Microsoft Word opens the form as a template verses a document.

By saving your file as a template rather than a document, the file is opened as a document (*.dot) type copy of the template, protecting the file from accidental changes. Save the DGS Form 150-ASP to the following path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates. To open this form in Microsoft Word 97, select File, New from the menu bar, move to the General Tab in the New window, highlight the FORM 150-ASP icon, and left click on the open button.


When you open Form 150-ASP, a dialog box will appear, hit OK to continue. Your first field will be highlighted. Type in the "Project Number" of the project for which you are making application. Use your Tab Key* to get to the next field to be completed. Beginning on page 2, you will begin to see areas for which checkboxes are used to answer questions. Use the mouse to point to the checkbox you would like to select and hit the left mouse button. This will mark an "x" in the appropriate box.

Continue to complete the form in this fashion. To go back to a field left blank or to correct an answer, you may use your mouse. Just click on the field to be completed or changed. You may also go back by holding the Shift Key and pressing the Tab Key. This will take you backwards field by field.

To save your completed form, hit File, Save As. You may wish to provide a document name specific to the project for which you are making application.

* NOTE: Under no circumstances should you allow a response to "wrap" to the next line. While in a narrative section, use the Tab Key only to go to the next line of text. Do not use the Return Key or allow the response to wrap to the next line. Allowing text to wrap and/or use of returns could change the appearance of the Form and may cause your application to be considered ineligible.


Form 150-ASP should be completed and submitted only when applying for consideration as a design professional for a specific project. Carefully follow the instructions for filing an application which will appear with each project advertisement.


Form 150-ASP, Application for Specific Project  (Microsoft Word Template) updated 11/2012