What You Can Get From the Army  

Law Enforcement 1122 New Property Program

What You Can Get From The Army

There are three (3) major subordinate commands within the Army Materiel Command (AMC) to support you.  Each command manages certain types of items as listed.  For information regarding the availability of specific items, please contact us.

Your organization will incur a service charge to cover the state's cost of administering this program.  The service charge is either 4% of the total transaction, or $500.00, whichever amount is the lesser.

US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)

The US Army's  Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command is headquartered in Warren Michigan, on the grounds of the Detroit Arsenal.  Over 10,000 strong, TACOM's worldwide mission is to research, develop, field, and support mobility and armament systems.  To accomplish its diverse missions, TACOM is functionally organized to support a piece of equipment from inception, through design and procurement, to sustainment until the end of the equipment's life cycle.  TACOM provides the following weapons and ammunition to state and local law enforcement agencies:

  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Ammunition

US Army Aviation and Missile  Command (AMCOM)

The Aviation and Missile Command was provisionally established in July 1997 as a logistical and technical command.  It is a multifaceted and multisite AMC subordinate command with corporate headquarters at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.  The John J. Sparkman Center for Missile Excellence, a one million square foot facility consisting of nine buildings, serves as AMCOM Headquarters.

The mission of AMCOM is twofold.  The command managers the aviation systems from research and development to procurement and production, from spare parts availability to safety of flight, and from maintenance and overhaul to eventual retirement.  Secondly, AMCOM manages the Army's missile and rocket programs, including research, development, acquisition, and logistics support.  It also provides major support to the Army Program Executive Officer, Aviation; the Army Program Executive Officer, Tactical Missiles; and the Army Program Executive Officer, Air and Missile Defense.  AMCOM provides the following Aviation and Support Items to state and local law enforcement agencies:

  • Aviation Parts
  • Troop Support Items

US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)

The US Army Communications-Electronics Command was first established as the US Army Electronics Command on August 21, 1963.  It was designated as the Army Communications-Electronics Command in 1981.  This command is a multifacited and multisite AMC subordinate command, with corporate headquarters at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

CECOM's mission is to develop, acquire, and manage assigned materiel and superios technologies from cradle to grave, and to provide and support communications and electronic equipment.  This equipment is part of every major weapons system and can be found in aircraft, tanks, missiles, and in the hands of every soldier.  Included in CECOM's area of expertise are night vision, electro-optics, and avionics systems; combat surveillance and target acquisition equipment; decoy systems; laser range finders, trackers, and designators; and identification - friend-or-foe systems and equipment.  CECOM provides the following Communications and Electronics Items to state and local law enforcement agencies:

  • Early Warning Systems
  • Tactical Radios
  • Night Vision Goggles
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