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In order to assist all users of GSA Federal Supply Schedules, GSA has developed Schedules E-Library, a centralized, online source for the latest Schedules contract award information.  In addition to Schedule listing, Schedules E-Library contains Basic Schedule Ordering Guidelines, and a Name, Contract Number, and Special Item Number (SIN), the latter of which is used to identify generic categories of items.  For information regarding the availability of specific items, please contact us to obtain a current quote based upon your specifications.

Your organization will incur a service charge to cover the state's cost of administering this program.  The service charge is either 4% of the total transaction, or $500.00, whichever amount is the lesser.

Note:  When you click on the SIN link for any given GSA Schedule item, you are leaving the Department of General Services web site and entering an internet site that is not under the management or control of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is not governed by the privacy or security policies of the Commonwealth.  We have provided a link to this site because it has information or features that may be of interest to you as a law enforcement agency.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not necessarily endorse the views expressed, or the facts presented on this site.  Further, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on this site.

GSA Automotive - Police and Rescue Vehicles (contact us with specifications for pricing)

Schedule 23V - Command Centers (contact us with specifications for pricing)

Sechedule 56 - Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries

  • 383 2  Portable, Standby, Backup, or Prime Generators - Including, but not limited to, powered by electricity, gas, or diesel, rotary motor generators, trailer mounted units, enclosed mobile power generation standby units, load banks, and generator transfer switches; parts, options, and accessories.  Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.
  • 383 5  Batteries and Battery Chargers - Including, but not limited to, rechargeable batteries (carbon zinc, alkaline manganese dioxide, mercuric oxide), non-rechargeable batteries, dry cell batteries, stationary batteries, storage batteries, motive batteries, vehicle batteries; automotive and industrial truck battery chargers, stationary battery chargers; parts and accessories.  Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.
  • 383 9  Battery and Alternator Monitoring Systems; Battery Spill Containment Systems; Parts and Accessories
  • 383 10  Portable Light Towers - Including, but not limited to, generator sets, gen-sets and batteries, observation towers; parts and accessories.  Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.
  • 412 14  Uninterruptible Power Supplies - Including, but not limited to, AC and DC regulated power supply, line conditioners, inverters, AC/DC and DC/DC converters and UPS, frequency converters; parts and accessories.  Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.
  • 412 15  Power Distribution Units
  • 412 17  Switchgear - Including, but not limited to, electrical lookout devices; options, parts and accessories.  Products are suitable for support of emergency and disaster recovery efforts.
  • 412 19  Transformers
  • 412 21  Electrical, Voltage, and Generator Controls - Including, but not limited to, miscellaneous wiring; parts and accessories related to power distribution equipment.
  • 412 3  Surge Protection/Suppression - Including, but not limited to, sneak current protector, telecommunications surge protection, voltage sensitive devices, wall outlet surge protectors, and wall outlet surge protectors with EMI/RFI filtering; parts and accessories.
  • 412 50  Ancillary Services Related to Power Distribution Equipment - Relating to and ordered in conjunction with products purchased under the supply schedule contract.  Including, but not limited to, services such as installation (design through startup), maintenance, and training.  EXCLUDES:  Construction as defined by  FAR 2.101; Architectural and Engineering Services under the Brooks Architect-Engineers Act as stated in FAR Part 36; personal services; and stand-alone services applicable to the Service Contract Act.
  • 412 51  Installation and Site Preparation Services for Power Distribution Equipment - Relating to and ordered in conjunction with products purchased under the supply schedule contract.  Including installation which requires construction.  Special ordering procedures, which include the Davis Bacon wage rates and construction clauses for installation and site preparation apply to this SIN.  EXCLUDES:  Architectural and Engineering Services under the Brooks Architect-Engineers Act as stated in FAR Part 36.
  • 412 52  Power Systems Engineering Support - Including, but not limited to, program management, engineering, technical, data management, and administrative support.  Services offered must be in support of power systems and related products only.   EXCLUDES:  personal services and Architectural and Engineering Services under the Brooks Architect-Engineers Act as stated in FAR Part 36.
  • 412 8  Hard Wired Surge Protection and EMI/RFI Filtration Devices - For use in power distribution systems of 120 volt single phase, and 208 or 380 volt phase power distribution.  SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS.
  • 412 99  Introduction of New Services and Products Related To Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries - Including services and products not identified by existing SIN categories; includes new technology, professional services, such as consulting, design assistance, and technical review/advice; and stand-alone services such as repair and maintenance services that are subject to Service Contract Act wage rates.

Schedule 58 - Professional Communications Equipment

  • 58 1  Recording and Reproducing Video and Audio Equipment - Including spare and repair parts and accessories.  This SIN includes complete video and audio recording and reproducing systems as well as separate components of these systems.  Included are recorders and duplicators for both analog and digital media including cassettes, cartridges, and video discs.  The video or audio recording system may include special effects generators including time and date stamping, picture in picture, closed captioning, text addition, character and symbol insertion and manipulation, audio voice over equipment.  Also included are amplifiers, mixers, switchers, synchronizing components, and editing equipment.  Mini studio systems and components, including training room and instructional systems, control room and studio modules, multiple microphone and video stations are included in this SIN.  This SIN also includes video projection components including digital projectors, video walls, rear projection display screens, LED walls, LCD projectors, as well as a control module for controlling the video projection.  Accessories include such items as cables, batteries, and sound booths.
  • 58 2  Monitors and Monitors/Receivers - Including spare and repair parts and accessories; color or monochrome monitors, with picture tube, LED, LCD, or plasma screens.  Includes monitors that operate on alternating current (AC), or battery, or both.  Flat panel display monitors are included.  Accessories include power and connecting cables, batteries and chargers, and mounting products.
  • 58 3  Television Cameras, Color or Monochrome - Including spare and repair parts and accessories; cameras may operate on alternating current, battery power, or both.  The cameras are for professional, industrial, or broadcast purposes.  The cameras can be fixed or portable, and may be for analog or digital recording.  Cameras with separate heads are also included.  Accessories include separate camera lenses, microphones, tripods, cabling, batteries, and lighting and screens designed to be used with cameras when recording.
  • 58 4  Audio Equipment - Including spare and repair parts and accessories.  This SIN covers complete professional sound systems as well as components.  Components include amplifiers, speakers, audio consoles, switchers, cassette recorders and players, cartridge recorders and players, compact disc recorders and players, and reel-to-reel equipment.  Recorders/reproducers may include logging recorders and players, and single or multi-channel recorders and players.  Accessories may include cables, microphones, and computer equipment required to perform the function specified in the SIN.
  • 58 5  Closed Circuit and Other Surveillance Equipment - Including spare and repair parts and accessories.  This SIN covers entire CCTV systems and components.  The system may include monitors, cameras, telescopic lenses, camera mounts and enclosures, audio components such as microphones, and control centers for managing single or multiple cameras.  The CCTV system can use either hard wired or wireless methods to transmit information.  This SIN also includes audio and video recording devices for use with CCTV systems, as well as night vision and infrared devices designed specifically for surveillance, and computer equipment and software required to perform the function specified in the SIN.
  • 58 6  Telecommunications Equipment - Including spare and repair parts and accessories.  This SIN includes both airborne and non-airborne telemetry and tracking equipment; radar equipment except airborne; underwater sound equipment; visible and invisible light equipment; laser equipment; recorder/reproducer sets - signal data (multi-application); wildlife and fish monitoring equipment, fiber optic and digital telecommunications equipment.  Included are multiplexers, routers for video and other signals, broadcast receivers, demodulators, and switches.  Also included are transmitters, receivers, and transceivers for all frequency ranges including microwaves, modems, signal amplifiers, power supplies, and antennas, as well as encoders and decoders.  Accessories may include batteries, cables, and mounting assemblies or racks, and computer equipment and software required to perform the function specified in this SIN.
  • 58 7  Ancillary Services - To allow suppliers to provide services associated with their products, such as equipment set-up, assembly, installation, integration, and training, if required, at the delivery location.

Schedule 67 - Photographic Equipment, Supplies and Video Services

  • 19 1  Film, Paper, Chemicals, Processing Equipment for Photographic and Radiographic Applications - This SIN includes a wide range of film, paper, chemicals, and related equipment for photographic and radiographic applications.  Film includes aerial, still picture, 110, 120, 126, 220, 35mm, 70mm sheet, self-process, motion picture, graphic arts, industrial/x-ray, single-use cameras.  Paper includes drawing and documentation, reproduction, instrumentation recording.  Chemicals include black and white/color, industrial/x-ray and directly related equipment; black and white/color wet-processing, silver recovery, aluminum and plastic plates, quality control, and traditional darkroom equipment.  This SIN includes directly related accessories and attachments.
  • 19 100  Photographic Services and Solutions - Total Small Business Set Aside.  Includes a full range of photographic film, imaging, digital services and multimedia duplications, conversion services, and web-site photo storage services.  Film processing services includes all sizes, colors, and types (eg negatives, microfilm, 16/35mm, and intermediates), color reversal, reprints, duplicates of slides, and print enhancements, enlargements, filmstrips, and slides (eg master filmstrip photography, master original 2x2 slide photographs and duplicates, and color positive filmstrip and color positive 2x2 slide duplicates).  Imaging/digital services include desktop, scanning, photo finishing, output retouching, photo restoration and recovery, aerial, archiving, C-41 negatives, and inter-negative digital photgraphy, darkroom passport photos, electronic file transfer, imaging client-generated slides, mounting or reprints, presentation slides, and portable displays.  Portable displays are imaging exhibits used for trade shows, displays, presentations, meetings, and conferences, which come with various configurations (eg headers, graphics, lights, shelving, back lighting, and photo mural and panel inserts).  Includes a wide range of media duplication (eg film-to-film, tape-to-tape, CD-to-CD, disc-to-disc) and conversion services, (eg film-to-tape, tape-to-film, film-to-CD, CD-to-Internet, tape-to-CD, microfilm-to-tape, photo-to-slides, files-to-presentation slides).  These services consist of any media choice.  Other directly related services may include editing, scanning, restoration, sound services (music score, sound effects, sound track quality, and other sound-related services), internet, video tape captioning and subtitlement, loading of cassettes, animations, and time encoding.  Under Web-Site Photo Storage Services, customer pictures are scanned and posted to a web site maintained by the vendor on a short/long term basis.  The customer can then view the scanned images of their photographs, copy the pictures to their hard disk, or send by electronic mail.  Additional services may be offered such as reprints, enlargements, photographic paper, and special print, scanning, certain file format, proportioned, edit, crop sequence layout, size, package, re-order.  This service may be ordered online, mail order, or delivered.
  • 20 130  Photographic Laboratory Systems - This SIN includes a wide range of photographic laboratories such as analog/digital, internet mini-labs, photographic color copier systems, imaging/digital labs, and more.  These systems have the capabilities:  to accept images from any format (photo copy, prints, film transparencies, digital files on floppies,  CDs, memory cards, or email); one can download files directly from a digital camera.  The internet mini-lab features quality instant digital print fulfillment from digital cameras and automated, high-speed internet connectivity.  This system is pre-configured to be connected to the organization server infrastructure, which provides mini-lab solutions for digital input to output connection.  Addtional features include photo IDs, stickers and calendars, greeting and photo business cards, mail orders, transfer images to t-shirts, mugs, and much more.  This SIN will offer all directly related equipment (eg sublimination, printer, film, protection film), accessories, attachments, software, and kits.
  • 20 316  Cameras and Accessories -  This SIN includes a wide range of cameras, but is not limited to:  digital and conventional, photo ID cameras, microfilm and more.  Digital requires no film, images are stored onto memory media (eg pc cards, memory stick, smart media cards, compact flash cards, floppy discs), transfer digital images to your pc desktop publishing, web, or attach to electronic mail, and conveniently use with flash memory card reader/writer to allow the user to download the pictures to the flash card in seconds.  Conventional includes 35mm still picture, advanced processing system, single-window combination range and viewfinder, single lens reflex (SLR), self-processing, professional type 2x2 SLR.  Photo ID camera includes digital card print systems used to produce high-quality color and black and white photo identification cards/passes such as employee ID cards and passports with digital card print systems.  May include magnetic strip encoding, bar coding, or other security type features.  Includes directly related attachments, accessories, and supplies such as plastic cards, pouches, card and badge attachment, photo die cutters, slot punches, punch laminators, signature capture devices, ID card software, magnetic readers, writers, encoders, inserts, and digital printer supplies.  Microfilm cameras include rotary type flow, planetary type (flatbed), step and repeat, microfilm camera processors, and other related cameras.  This SIN includes directly related software, attachments, and accessories such as electronic and battery flash units, lenses and filters, cases, bags, photo exposure light meters, densitometers and sensitometers, spectrophotometers, tripods, digital picture frame, desktop station, adapters, battery packs, kits (such as global positioning systems, connections), and outfits.

Schedule 69 - Training Aids and Devices

Schedule 70 - General Purpose Commerical Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services

  • 132 8  Purchase of Equipment - Including telephone equipment, audio and video teleconferencing equipment, communications and security equipment, facsimile equipment, broadcast band radio, two-way radio, microwave radio equipment, satellite communications equipment, radio transmitters/receivers (airborne), radio navigation equipment/antennas, pagers and public address systems, communications equipment cables, fiber optics cables and hanesses, coaxial cables, desktop computers, professional workstations, servers, laptop/portable/notebook computers, large scale computers, optical/imaging systems, other systems, printers, displays, graphics (light pens, digitizers, touch screens), network equipment, other communications equipment, optical recognition I/O devices, storage devices, other I/O and storage devices, ADP support equipment, microcomputer control devices, telephone answering, voice messaging systems, ADP boards, installation of ADP equipment, installation of telephone equipment, and used equipment.
  • 132 12  Equipment Maintenance - Including maintenance of radio/telephone equipment and maintenance of computer equipment.
  • 132 32  Term Software License - Including operating system software, application software, EDI translation and mapping software, enabled e-mail message based products, Internet software, database management programs, and other software.
  • 132 50  Classroom Training

Schedule 75 - Office Products

  • 75 200  Office Products - Offerors may offer their entire commerical catalog, or may offer a select, limited line of office products.  Office products include, but are not limited to, items such as pens, pencils, markers, xerographic paper, printer paper, fax paper, binders, tape, envelopes, shredders, helical-scan, longitudinally oriented video tapes, video cassettes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, blank endless loop audio cartridge tapes, magnetic tape audio recording cassette, computer tape, reel cartridge, cassette, diskettes, disc packs, disc cartridges, anti-glare/anti-radiation screens (VDT), ergonomic products (wrist and foot rests), cleaning equipment and supplies (head cleaners, disc drive cleaners, monitor cleaners, toner wipes, minivacuums, etc), optical discs, CD ROMs, physical storage, security, protective and related ADP supplies, and toner cartridges.   Toner cartridge offerors must provide arrangements for empty toner cartridges to be returned from customers.  This may include prepaid shipping labels in the product's packaging and/or rebates.  EXCLUSIONS:  all products which have been determined to be essentially the same as items available under the Ability One Program (formerly JWOD); items which do not comply with the requirements set forth in Executive Order 13423; and items which are not in compliance with the Trade Agreements Act.

Schedule 78 - Park and Outdoor  Recreation Equipment

  • 192 33A  Camping and Hiking Equipment - Including, but not limited to, recreational tents, tents for decontamination and triage, yurts, tent flys, poles, stakes, tent ropes, and repair kits; tars; sleeping bags, bed rolls, cots and camping furniture; pack boards and backpacks; heaters, stoves, lanterns; jugs, coolers, canteens, and personal hydration units; climbing equipment and snowshoes; field toilets and field bathing; outdoor planters, tree grates, and anti-vegetation material; bear-proof food lockers; and replacement parts with ancillary services.
  • 192 37B  Park and Recreational Tables, Benches, Outdoor Pool and Patio  Furniture, and Bleachers - Including replacement parts.  SET ASIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESS.
  • 192 37I  Park and Playground Equipment - Including grills and replacement parts, bike racks and bike lockers, playground equipment, playground safety surface and traction surfacing, park shelters, pavilions, gazebos, foot bridges, and related ancillary services.

Schedule 84 - Law Enforcement and Security Equipment

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