1122 New Property Program  
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Welcome to the Law Enforcement

1122 New Property Program!


The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1994 contained section 1122, which allows State and local governments to purchase new law enforcement equipment suitable for counterdrug or counter terrorism activities from the Federal Government.  For the purpose of this program, the Act defines eligible "units of local government" as "any city, county, township, town, borough, parish, village, or other general purpose political subdivision of a State; and Indian tribes which perform law enforcement functions as determined by the Secretary of the Interior".



Because of its volume purchasing power, the Federal Government receives tremendous discounts on many of the items commonly used by local law enforcement agencies.  Your organization can take direct advantage of these discounts.  Federal contracts can be used as a tool of comparison for your organization, with the prices serving as a benchmark for comparison with independent bids or negotiating.  Also, using Federal contracts can save you time and money.  Because the contracts have already been through the Federal government's bid process, you save administrative costs and time in not having to prepare specifications, advertise, and award contracts.


If you are looking for an Army or DLA item that is not listed on this web site, contact us, and we will contact the Army or the DLA regarding its availability.  For GSA Federal Supply Schedule items, including police vehicles, contact us, and we will contact GSA to ascertain item availability. Contact us at (717)787-6197.

Once your item is located, our office will contact you with the vendor, the price, and the method of payment.  We will also notify you of any options regarding your equipment purchase offered by the selected vendor.

Your organization will incur a service charge to cover the state's cost of administering this program.  The service charge is either 4% of the total transaction, or $500.00, whichever amount is the lesser.

Multiple items may be ordered from different vendors to meet all of your equipment needs.  All items are delivered directly to your organization.  As with any new equipment purchase, all manufacturer's warranties are in full effect.

The "What You Can Get From the Army" section of our web site identifies the subordinate commands within the Army Materiel Command which support the 1122 Program, along with the types of items available from each command.

The "What You Can Get From the Defense Logistics Agency" section of our web site identifies the DLA supply centers which support the 1122 Program, along with specific information as to the types of items available from each center.

The "What You Can Get From the General Services Administration" section of our web site identifies the GSA Federal Supply Schedules authorized for use under the 1122 Program, and the types of items available under each Schedule.  When ordering vehicles, please contact us to obtain a current quote based on your specifications.

1122 BSSO Main Contact  
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 Mike Starr

 Federal Surplus Chief

 (717) 787-9724



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