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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is committed to nondiscrimination, both in its own employment practices and in the practices of the companies with which it does business. Agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction are required to develop contract compliance programs to monitor the employment practices of contractors and grantees doing business with the Commonwealth.

State contractors, their subcontractors and grantees are required to comply with the non-discrimination clause in state contracts and grants. Required information is gathered on the standard contract compliance form STD-21, which is emailed to contractors/grantees upon award of the contract or grant.

For more information on the program, please click on the links below, click on the Frequently Asked Questions on the left navigational panel or contact the Contract Compliance Unit at 717-783-5034 or gs-bsbo@pa.gov.

4 Pa. Code § 1.513. Sanctions
4 Pa. Code § 1.512. Responsibilities
4 Pa. Code § 1.511. Establishment of contract compliance programs
Executive Order 2006-2
Management Directive 215.16
Nondiscrimination Clause |

STD Forms

The Word document version of the standard (STD) forms on the website are fillable online with the exception of the STD-26.  You are encouraged to print a copy for your records as the save function has not always worked. 

Return completed STD forms to the issuing PA state agency contract compliance staff, or if unknown, to gs-bsbo@pa.gov.

Contract Compliance Posters (PA State Contractor's Nondiscrimination Notice): English/Spanish
PHRC Posters: English/Spanish
Federal Contract Compliance Program
Sample Letter to the Union |
Trade Secret Form 
Notice to Contract Compliance Staff  

NOTE: Commonwealth Contract Compliance staff must be registered on the DGS website and logged in to access the online compliance application and other resource materials.

If you are registered and logged into the the DGS website but you cannot access the Contract Compliance Staff portal, please contact the BSBO at gs-bsbo@pa.gov to have your user profile adjusted.

Right to Know Law  

Under the Right to Know Law, effective January 1, 2009, records formerly presumed to be confidential are now presumed to be public records. Contractors and grantees are advised to identify and mark the contractor’s information that the contractor believes meets the definition of confidential proprietary information, so that it may be redacted from information provided to the public under the Right to Know Law. This applies to the STD-21, STD-26 and STD-28, available below. For example, the STD-21 and STD-28 are considered public records and the other two are mixed records. The review/audit form could be redacted but the factual information would be public. From a detailed report from the contractor the employee names would be redacted, but the aggregate number of employees in a category would be public information. The Trade Secret Form may be downloaded from the forms section below to assist the contractor/grantee to identify confidential information. The Trade Secret Form should be submitted with the STD-26 when submitted back to the issuing state agency.  Download the current version below. For more information go to http://openrecords.state.pa.us.