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Article of the Month "Don't be maxed out by Identify Theft"  

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting an estimated 8.9 million Americans in 2010. In our featured "Cyber-Article of the Month", we raise awareness on this important subject and provide important tips on what steps to take in order to prevent, detect and respond to identity theft and fraud, and to help protect yourself against this unfortunate growing trend. Read more. Additionally, the Commonwealth of PA has created a website focusing fully on the subject, IdentityTheftActionPlan.com, that includes helpful information on how identity theft occurs, prevention tips, what to do if you're a victim, statistics about the crime, and information for law enforcement agencies that investigate these crimes.

Current Microsoft Security Bulletins  

The Commonwealth of PA's Microsoft Patch Advisory/Classification Notice is now available for view. Click the photo on the left for the current advisory updates. Users and organizations are encouraged to apply these patches to their systems as soon as possible after appropriate testing, and to remind individuals to not click on links or attachments contained in emails from untrusted sources. Agency personnel planning on patching systems should refer to ITB-SYM006 -  Desktop and Server Software Patching Policy, Issued: 11/25/09, Revised:12/20/10

 Security Documents
Document  Incident Reporting Template_6-28-13.doc
Document  Security Breach Checklist
Document  What Are the Risks Associated With Social Networking Sites - 2009...
Document  US-CERT Conficker Detection Tool
Document  Conficker Detection Tool Instrcutions
Document  Malicious Apps on BlackBerry.pdf
Document  Is Disk Encryption Really Secure?.pdf
Document  IM-What You Need to Know.pdf
 (CA)2 Important Links
Document  Visio-High-Level CA2 Certification Process.pdf
Document  (CA)2 FAQs ver 1-1.pdf
Document  (CA)2 User Training Ver1-6.pdf

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