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Services My Way (also known as ‘Cash and Counseling’)

If you participate in the Medical Assistance Aging or Attendant Care waiver, Services My Way (SMW) helps you to live in your community in the way you decide. With Services My Way you choose the goods and services you want, direct as many of those services as you want, and are the driving decision-maker in ways that can improve your quality of life.

With Services My Way you will manage your own flexible budget to design and purchase disability-related goods and services. Based on your budget, you will develop your spending plan to purchase goods and services that will assist you in meeting your needs and goals as identified through your assessment process. You will be the employer of your direct care workers and you will recruit, hire, train and decide how much to pay your employees. A Care Manager for the Aging waiver and a Service Coordinator for the Attendant Care waiver will provide you with information and assistance to support you in directing your own services and supports. A Fiscal/Employer Agent will provide you with financial management services to assist you with tasks such as processing payroll and paying invoices for approved goods and services.

If you are receiving services through the Office of Long-Term Living’s (OLTL) Aging or Attendant Care waiver and live in Beaver, Blair, Bradford, Cameron, Cumberland, Elk, Erie, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, McKean, Somerset, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Venango, or Washington County you may be able to receive your services through Services My Way. Please talk with your Care Manager or Service Coordinator to learn more and get started with Services My Way.

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