Why Plan

There are many things to consider when it comes to planning ahead for long term living, including cost and availability of resources and services. Independent living and consumer directed services are available, making it possible for people to live in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. Whether you are planning for your future or have an immediate need for assistance, there are many choices available in Pennsylvania.

  • A person can need long-term living services at any age. There are many factors to be aware of that increase the possibility of needing long term living services.
  • Planning ahead helps you to be prepared for your future long term living needs. It gives you time to gather information, compare options and determine which ones will help you achieve what is most important to you. It allows time for family discussions. Knowing what your loved one wants will help to achieve optimal choices. Download or order a tool kit to help you plan your future.
  • People are changing the way they choose to receive their long-term living services. Most Pennsylvanians say that they prefer to receive services in their home and community. View some of the many long term living services available in Pennsylvania.
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