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Verifying Licensure And Certification Status

Making sure a provider or facility has a current, valid and unrestricted license or certification is an important step. But how do you know if licensure or certification is required? And, if required, how do you verify the status of licenses or certifications?

Some providers are not regulated by the government or professional boards and are not required to have licenses or certifications. Such providers include homemaker or housekeeping aides, personal care aides, attendant care workers and home or personal companions.

Some residential centers or facilities are not required to have licenses or certifications because they only provide room and board rather than personal care or other assistance to the residents. If you’re not sure, ask the administrator or manager of the residence or facility. Although they may not be required to have licenses to operate, these centers must be inspected by the Department of Labor and Industry before residents may move in and periodically thereafter to make sure building and safety standards are met and maintained. Ask to see their most recent occupancy permits.

Medical professionals, including but not limited to doctors, nurses and physical therapists usually display their educational degrees, licenses and any additional certifications on the walls of their offices. Don't be afraid to read them and ask questions.

Though a license or certification may be displayed prominently in the office of a provider or a facility, you may still obtain verification of the status of the license or certificate.