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Verifying Licensure and Certification
Whether you need services in your home, in your community or in a facility, Pennsylvania has a rich provider network that can meet your long term living needs. As with any type of service, it is important that you find reputable providers of long term living services. Some services are licensed and regulated, others are not. Some rules of thumb on licensure can be found here.

Who Licenses and Certifies
Once you have determined that a certain type of provider is licensed, you will need to know where they are licensed in order to find out if their license is current, if performance reports are available, if they have a documented history of deficiencies and other important information.

Finding a Provider
This easy to use resource of long term living providers will help you find services that can meet your needs and personal preferences. If you do not find what you are looking for, call the Long Term Living Helpline at -866-286-3636 for additional resources.

Provider Search
This is an easy resource to search for long-term living providers.  This also provides the services and provider details for each provider.