Pennsylvania State Police Trooper

Salary Information  

Graduation after July 1, 2011 - Starting Salary is $58,211
Overtime pay and shift differential are paid as applicable.

Additional Benefits & Information

  • Troopers are granted an annual clothing allowance of $500* for clothing maintenance.
  • Troopers earn 10* vacation days during their first year of employment.
  • Troopers earn 15* sick days per calendar year.
  • Troopers receive 13* paid holidays and four personal days per calendar year.

*This information is subject to change with the effective dates of new labor contracts.

NOTE: Cadets are excluded from representation by the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association (PSTA) for collective bargaining purposes.

Job Duties

Job duties include providing patrol, criminal investigation, and staff support services. Troopers provide for the regulation of traffic, crime scene response and investigation, and maintaining public order and security. Duties are usually performed independently and require the ability to recognize immediate problem areas. Troopers must make responsible decisions and take the appropriate corrective action without the benefit of close supervision. Troopers operate in situations that are often stressful or dangerous in nature.

Essential Job Functions

The Pennsylvania State Police has identified several job duties which are essential to an individual who holds the position of Pennsylvania State Police Trooper. These essential job functions include:

"...interprets laws and statutes of the Commonwealth; pursues suspects; effects arrests; qualifies with and, when necessary, uses agency firearms and other self-defense devices; operates vehicles and uses equipment in conjunction with law enforcement duties; responds to emergencies, civil disorders, and disasters; and performs rescue functions."

Each Pennsylvania State Police Trooper has a corresponding job description that contains the language above and also contains specific duties for the position they hold. Upon promotion to the rank of Trooper and assignment to a field installation, a job description will be formulated which outlines the majority of the duties a Trooper must be able to perform in successfully completing their duties.

A full list of Cadet/Trooper Eligibility Requirements can be found here.

Additional Information:

 The Pennsylvania State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer