Police Communications Operators (PCO)

This is work in receiving, dispatching, and coordinating communications at a Pennsylvania State Police installation. An employee in this job performs communications and related activities. Full performance involves operating two-way radio consoles, cathode ray tube (CRT) devices including administrative terminal and personal computer systems, and a telephone switchboard. Work includes receiving and prioritizing incoming messages and the appropriate disposition of messages; relaying information over radio and telephone; entering information into administrative terminal and personal computer systems; monitoring the activities of all assigned units; and maintaining files and logbooks.

Effective October 1, 2010, PCO's receive a starting salary of $36,262.00 before deductions. A PCO serves a six-month probationary period.

Minimum Experience and Training - One year of experience as a clerk, typist, or radio operator; and a high school diploma or equivalency; or any equivalent combination of experience and training.

Necessary Special Requirement - Possession of a clear, firm voice; and no speech, hearing, or visual impairments that would interfere with being understood, understanding incoming communications, or using communications equipment.

The position of Police Communications Operator is a Non-Civil Service job title.  The on-line application may be completed by visiting www.employment.pa.gov.   Individuals who do not have Internet access should visit their local library or call 1-866-858-2753 to locate the nearest PA CareerLink Office.

The Pennsylvania State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer