Interns, Associates, and Trainees

College Internships:

Unpaid college internships may occur within a Bureau, Office, or Troop location, but are infrequently available due to security, safety, and liability concerns. Correspondence which is received from college students inquiring about available internships will be retained in the Bureau of Human Resources, 1800 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110. Should an assignment become available, the student may be contacted.

Pennsylvania Management Associate Program:

Pennsylvania Management Associate Program is a 12-month on-the-job management training program designed for graduates of master's degree programs who are interested in a career in state government.  Candidates who have earned a master's degree in any field of study are eligible.  The Governor's Office of Administration coordinates the program.

Human Resource Management Trainee Program:

The Department may participate in the Office of Administration's
Human Resource Management Trainee Program.  This structured one-year training program offers college graduates of bachelor degree programs entry into a career in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's human resource management system.

The Pennsylvania State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer