Pennsylvania Drug Recognition Expert List

Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) are trained to recognize when an individual has been driving under the influence of drugs and to identify the type of drug causing impairment.

Pennsylvania State Police Drug Recognition Experts
can be contacted in order to assist in investigations of drug impaired subjects. They may be contacted by calling the individual station they are assigned to and requesting their assistance.

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 PSP or Municipal Police Department Troop (PSP Only) Department Name
PSP C PSP Punxsutawney Tpr. Andrew Peters
PSP A PSP Ebensburg Cpl. Bradley Overdorff
PSP A PSP Ebensburg Sgt. Joseph Loughran
PSP A PSP Greensburg Tpr. Adam Thomas
PSP A PSP Greensburg Tpr. David McClintock
PSP A PSP Somerset Tpr. Paul Tononi
PSP A PSP Greensburg Tpr. Christopher Cole
PSP A PSP Indiana Cpl. Jacob Jesse
PSP A PSP Indiana Tpr. Amanda Bauer
PSP B PSP Washington Tpr. Jeffrey Tihey
PSP B PSP Washington Tpr. Todd Stephenson
PSP B PSP Belle Vernon Tpr. David Hamer
PSP B PSP Pittsburgh Tpr. Daniel Acklin
PSP B PSP Uniontown Cpl. Richard Quinn
PSP BCI PSP Erie Tpr. Gary Knott
PSP BCI PSP Dunmore Tpr. Jennifer Kosakevitch
PSP BCI PSP Fogelsville Tpr. Matthew Lowe
PSP BCI PSP Washington Cpl. Louis Reda
PSP BGE BGE Nemacolin Tpr. Patrick Bouch
PSP BGE Hollywood Cpl. Michael Spada
PSP BIPS PSP SPR Sgt. Leo Hegarty
PSP BT&E Academy Tpr. Thomas Koebley
PSP BT&E NWTC Tpr. Rico Coletta
PSP BT&E PSP Academy Tpr. Scott Davis
PSP BT&E PSP SWTC Tpr. James Gregg