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Local Emergency Operations Plan Tool Kit

Previstar, CEM Planner (Virtual Planner) is planning software utilizing a continual preparedness system designed to enhance planning and resource management capabilities. CEM Planner is a central access point for every stakeholder of a plan to view the most current and up-to-date plan for that entity.  The program guides you through every step of the planning process.  It is designed so that individual sections of your plan can be updated and approved, without the need for a complete plan revision.

Plans developed are then stored in a secured and centralized virtual library assuring every stakeholder is viewing the most up-to-date plan.  The CEM Planner is web-based allowing you to access your plans from virtually anywhere; adding to your continuity of operations program and the ability to operate from any location.

To access the Previstar CEM Planner, please click on the following link:

The documents found below are the old versions of the planning tool kit PEMA provided and will no longer be updated.  PEMA will be providing the CEM Planner at no cost and will eventually remove the tool kit below from this webpage.

PDF Documents Planning Toolkit Introduction Presentation.pdf
MS PowerPoint Documents Planning Toolkit Introduction Presentation.ppt
Download in MS Word Format
MS Word Documents Functional Checklists.doc
MS Word Documents Model EOP.doc
MS Word Documents Notification and Resource Manual.doc
MS Word Documents Planning Guide.doc
Download in PDF Format
PDF Documents Functional Checklists.pdf
PDF Documents Model EOP.pdf
PDF Documents Notification and Resource Manual.pdf
PDF Documents Planning Guide.pdf