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Spring Weather Exercise

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Telephone Contacts

PEMA Headquarters Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
2605 Interstate Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9364


Report all emergencies to your local 911 or emergency dispatch center!
(See the front of your telephone directory or your directory blue pages for numbers.)

PEIRS Reporting            717-651-2001

Executive Office:

General Number            717-651-2007
Fax                            717-651-2040

Press Office:

General Number            717-651-2009
Fax                            717-651-2040

Legislative Affairs:

General Number            717-651-2728
Fax                            717-651-2040

Bureau of Recovery and Mitigation:

General Number            717-651-2146
Fax                            717-651-2150

Bureau of Administration:

General Number            717-651-2167
Fax                            717-651-2025

Bureau of Plans:

General Number            717-651-2214
Fax                            717-651-2125

Bureau of Technical Services:

General Number            717-651-2232
Fax                            717-651-2240

911 Program:

General Number            717-651-2237
Fax                            717-651-2150

Bureau of Operations and Training:

General Number            717-651-2001
Fax                            717-651-2021

Training Division:

General Number            717-651-2256
Fax                            717-346-3105

State Fire Commissioner's Office:

General Number            717-651-2200
Fax                            717-651-2210

State Fire Academy:

General Number            717-248-1115
Fax                            717-248-3580

Eastern Regional Office:

General Number            610-562-3003
Fax                            610-562-7222

Central Regional Office:

General Number            717-651-7060
Fax                            717-651-2293

Western Regional Office:

General Number            724-357-2990
Fax                            724-357-2992