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Adult Day Services

Adult day centers provide daily services such as socialization, recreation, nutrition, transportation, supervision, basic personal care and self-help training if you are an older adult and are not able to live independently on a full-time basis.  These services can be found in most centers. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, basic medical services, nursing services and more intensive personal care may also be available. Additionally, this service provides a respite for your caregivers enabling them to work outside of the home or to take a break from 24-hour care giving, thus preventing caregiver burnout.


Eligibility is based on your need for the service, not on any financial criteria. Individuals receiving adult day center services generally meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Age 60 or older and are dependent on others due to mental and/or physical disabilities;
  • Consumers who can no longer be left alone; 
  • Consumers who recently have been discharged from the hospital and are in need of rehabilitation therapy; 
  • Consumers who need the stimulation of socializing with others; 
  • Younger adults with post-stroke or Alzheimer's type conditions who have some form of dementia.

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