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Legal Assistance

There are a number of resources you can access to find free or affordable legal help. Some of these specialize by age or disability, and some of them are more general in nature. You can also contact your county Bar Association if you need legal representation.


Anyone in need of legal assistance.


  • The Pennsylvania SeniorLAW Center Helpline where you can obtain information and advice about a wide range of civil legal topics.

Call the SeniorLAW HelpLine at 1-877-PA-SR LAW (1-877-727-7529) or visit the Helpline and SeniorLAW Center

  • The Disability Rights Network (DRN), where you can obtain legal information and advocacy.

Call 1-800-692-7443 [Voice], 1-877-375-7139 [TDD] or visit DRN.

  • The Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN), where you can obtain information and locate legal assistance in your county.

Call 1- 800.322.7572 or visit PLAN.