Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance (also known as Medicaid or MA) is the state-administered health care program for people who have low incomes. Medical Assistance pays–without cost or bills to you–many medical expenses, including physician's services, psychiatric services, nursing facility care, laboratory, clinic and x-ray services, hospitalization and more. Coverage varies according to your particular situation and you should check with Medical Assistance to find out what you are eligible for. If you need emergency ambulance transportation for medical care, Medicaid will pay the cost. Non-emergency medical transportation may also be covered under other programs. In most cases, if you are an older Pennsylvanian, your Medicare Part B premiums are also paid by Medical Assistance.


Meet certain requirements for income, age, pregnancy, people who are blind, people with disabilities or others. Special requirements exist for Medicare beneficiaries.

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To apply for Medical Assistance, visit your local County Assistance Office or apply online using COMPASS.