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The Pennsylvania Information Sharing and Analysis Center (PA-ISAC) works to address the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cyber security readiness and critical infrastructure coordination.
Membership in PA-ISAC is open to elected and administrative officials of city, town, village, township, county and other Pennsylvania government jurisdictions.

The mission of PA-ISAC, consistent with the objectives of the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, is to provide a common mechanism for raising the level of cyber security readiness and response within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The PA-ISAC is a central resource for gathering information on cyber threats to critical infrastructure throughout Pennsylvania and sharing of information between and among local governments.

To combat these threats, PA-ISAC will provide the following benefits to members:

  • Direct access to cyber security threat information from the commonwealth
  • Access to security awareness materials, including computer-based training modules
  • Access to a security assessment toolkit
  • Access to security policy templates
  • Access to security related solutions at enterprise price points negotiated by the commonwealth
  • Regular meetings to promote peer networking and information sharing

For more information about PA-ISAC or membership to PA-ISAC, please contact Erik Avakian at eavakian@pa.gov

For all other information about PA-ISAC , please visit the MS-ISAC website.

Current PA-ISAC Members can logon here using our secure site.