Citizen Presentations

Over a thousand law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania - including municipal police, county sheriffs/deputies and state police - have been trained to present this one-hour program to community groups across Pennsylvania.

Terrorism Awareness and Prevention is designed for use by law enforcement crime prevention or community service officers to encourage citizens to become participants in their own security by providing them information to dispel fears, enhance alertness and awareness, and promote useful reports to authorities. Topics in the Terrorism Awareness and Prevention presentations for civilians include:

Introduction to Terrorism: A basic review of what terrorism is and why/how terrorists operate. This section lays the groundwork for understanding that terrorism is about committing crimes and not about having different beliefs.

Terrorist Threat: Gives the instructor the option of discussing different groups in Pennsylvania that have been associated with terrorist acts. This section places emphasis on understanding the difference between legal dissent and criminal (terrorist) acts by "radical" elements of certain movements.

Community Protective Measures: With an acknowledgement that recognizing suspicious activity is not a hard science, this section offers some common sense things to look for when suspecting suspicious activity.

Reporting Procedures: Understanding that a key to terrorism awareness is the providing the proper information to law enforcement to allow them to provide a proper response, this section offers some basic guidelines and exercises on proper reporting techniques.

If you or your community organization is interested in learning more about terrorism and the Terrorism Awareness and Prevention program, please contact your local police department, county sheriff's office, or state police barracks.