TAP Instructor Training


Terrorism Awareness and Prevention is an important tool for law enforcement to educate citizens about the realities and myths of terrorism and to prevent misunderstanding that can lead to abuses and prejudices. This program stresses that terrorists are criminals, not people who think, act, dress or live differently than us. Terrorism Awareness and Prevention strongly discourages citizens from invading someone's privacy, spying on their neighbors, investigating their own suspicions or taking the law into their own hands. It does, however, teach citizens how to be more alert, what to look for and how to properly report suspicious activity to police. 

The three-hour Terrorism Awareness and Prevention instructor development course is available free of charge, and provides instructors with necessary background information and all materials and resources for presentations to citizens' groups. Terrorism Awareness and Prevention train-the-trainer attendees receive all materials needed for the civilian presentations in three formats, PowerPoint slideshows in standard (1 hour) and extended (2 hour) versions, overhead transparency and videotape.

Attendees also receive an Instructor Handbook, which will orient the instructor to the program's content as well as presentation options, and provides the instructor notes to support the PowerPoint presentation. Additional resources in these instructor kits include background and supplemental information for use by the instructors to educate themselves further on the topics included in the presentation and additional slideshows for possible use as opening and closings. 

The Terrorism Awareness and Prevention train-the-trainer program is available from three sources. 

For 2008, the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC) of the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs will be scheduling Terrorism Awareness and Prevention Instructor Training Courses.

The Terrorism Awareness and Prevention train-the-trainer program will continue to be presented at the PCCD's Law Enforcement Crime Prevention Practitioners' Training Course.

In addition, should your law enforcement agency wish to host a 3-hour Terrorism Awareness and Prevention train-the-trainer course at your location, you will need to provide a classroom with sufficient seating for the attendees and at least 15 participants (law enforcement officers from your or other agencies) who have an interest in becoming Terrorism Awareness and Prevention instructors.

To discuss scheduling your own course, please contact Don Numer at 717-265-8555.