Accessing Readiness


The work required to establish a CJAB can be time-consuming and difficult. It is important to appraise a county’s readiness to create a board before beginning the detailed work involved in actually developing one. An assessment of a county’s readiness to develop and implement a CJAB can be determined by answering questions such as:

  • Is an individual with demonstrated credibility and effectiveness willing to lead the CJABs development?
  • Is there a readily apparent issue, which would justify convening a CJAB at this time?
  • Are key criminal justice decision makers willing and able to serve on a CJAB at this time?
  • Does the county currently have the resources required to support a board?

Key Elements Of A Successful CJAB

  • High Ranking Decision Makers
  • Formal Governance Structure
  • Policy Level Focus
  • Systemic Perspective
  • Ongoing Operation
  • Broad Realm of Issues
  • Cross-jurisdictional Outlook
  • Data Integration