CJAB Conference - June 15-16, 2011

The PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency held a CJAB Conference on June 15-16, 2011 at the Days Inn in State College, Pa.

Conference PowerPoint Presentations

Managing by the Numbers:  Learning to Thrive in a Digital World (Lee Ann S. Labecki)

Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy (Robert N. Williams)

Sentencing and Corrections Reforms of 2008...Update (Mark H. Bergstrom)

Intensive Supervision and Treatment Program (IST) Armstrong County (David Hartman and Kami Anderson)

Mental Health Court (Honorable John A. Zottola)

Show Me The Money! (Deborah R. Hennon)

Doing Evidence-Based Practices:  Why Is It So Hard To Get It Right?  (Frank Domurad)

What Works and What Doesn't Work in Changing Offender Behavior and Reducing Recidivism (Frank Domurad)

Sequential Intercept Model in Action (Patty Griffin, Ph.D., Officer Daniel Marguccio, Jodi Stephen, 
                                                  Honorable John A. Zottola, Kim Woods and Jennifer Lopez)

Reducing Justice Involvement For People with Mental Illness (Patty Griffin, Ph.D., William Chambers and
                                                                                  Jennifer Lopez)