Questions and Answers from Corrections Reform Package Webinar

This page provides transcribed responses to questions that were submitted and responded to during the February 24, 2009 Corrections Reform Package Webinar.  It also includes responses to those questions that were submitted but time did not allow for responses during the live webinar.  The questions and responses have been grouped in broad categories in an effort to make your search, by specific topic, easier.

Work/Medical/Early Release



Administrative Parole

Reentry Initiatives

Booking Centers


Aggregation of Sentences

Act 33

Victim Related


The information contained on the PA Corrections Package portion of this Web site is made available to the public by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).  The responses above to the questions covered during the February 24, 2009 webinar, however, are the property and responsibility of the parties referenced below.  Any questions regarding the responses provided should be referred to the respective authors.  

Philadelphia District Attorney's Office
(Contact:  Sarah V. Hart,
PA Prison Society
(Contact:  Ann Schwartzman,
Office of Representative Kathy Manderino
(Contact:  Mary McDaniel,
PA Commission on Sentencing
(Contact:  Mark H. Bergstrom,
County Commissioners Association
(Contact:  Brinda Penyak,
Office of Victim Advocate
(Contact:  Carol Lavery,