Protection From Abuse Database (PFAD)


PFAD is an electronic repository of pleadings and orders in protection from abuse cases, available statewide to authorized user groups: prothonotaries, domestic violence advocates, court administrators, courts, law enforcement, magisterial district justices and private attorneys. Sixty-four of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties are currently connected to PFAD, with over 10,500 authorized users. PFAD archives pleadings and orders in full text form. It provides authorized users with an electronic copy of the document, which can be printed for distribution where a hard copy is necessary, including for pleadings and other court purposes. The database now houses over 172,800 filed temporary and final orders. PFAD provides critical statewide data for analysis by the courts and law enforcement and creates and disseminates the PSP Protection From Abuse Summary Data Sheet, which is required for inclusion in the PSP Registry, and is in turn entered in NCIC/CLEAN. The database also contains all standardized PFA forms approved by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as well as other forms necessary for protection from abuse cases. Records from PFAD are immediately available 24 hours a day/365 days a year to authorized users via a secured Internet website. Authorized users can also access the PFAD database via JNET.