Constables' Education and Training Board

The Commission on Crime and Delinquency, through its Bureau of Training Services, trains and certifies the Commonwealth's elected and appointed constables and deputy constables.  Training consists of basic and firearms education, which leads to certification to perform judicial duties and receive payment.  Annual in-service training is required to maintain certification.

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        Constables Training Bulletin 76 March 2014
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Act 49 of 2009, Title 44 - Law and Justice

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The above listed website will provide access to Title 18.  Crimes and Offenses, Title 44. Law and Justice and other Commonwealth laws and statutes.
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Constables Resources

Below is a resource available to constables and deputy constables who are involved in shootings or other critical incidents.  The Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council has Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Teams available at the county level to assist with these incidents.

Link to the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council:

Select the "Resources" tab on the PEHSC Home Page, then select the link for CISM Team List.  The list will show resources available by county.

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Statement of Financial Interest

Training Videos

A new course of fire and target will be implemented for the 2010 Constables' Firearms Training classes. The new course of fire will include the use of barricades; the requirements to move to cover; and the use of verbal challenges in each stage. The dual phase qualification has been retained, but will be using the more simplified NRA TQ-19 center mass target. Below are videos highlighting both phases of the new course of fire for firearms qualification and a video showing the 360 degree scan.

Phase 1

Phase 2

360 Scan