Juvenile Crime for 2009

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Juvenile Crime 2009  
  Name Description
PDF Documents Juvenile and Adult Arrests 2009.pdf Juvenile offenders are age 17 and younger at the time of arrest. Adult offenders are considered those ages 18 and older. Police have the discretion to release a juvenile or to refer the juvenile to the district attorney or juvenile court for...
PDF Documents Juvenile Dispositions 2009.pdf In the juvenile court system, a disposition occurs when a sanction is ordered or a treatment plan is decided upon or initiated in a particular case. The juvenile system encompasses juveniles age 10 through 17.
PDF Documents Juvenile Placements 2009.pdf Placements are dispositions resulting in a juvenile being placed in a residential facility for delinquents or status offenders, or cases in which youth were otherwise removed from their homes and placed elsewhere.
PDF Documents Juvenile Status Offenses 2009.pdf A status offense is behavior that is considered an offense only when committed by a juvenile. Specifically included in the Uniform Crime Report are curfew/loitering and runaways. These two offense categories are Part II offenses. Curfew and...