Consolidated Standards FAQ's

  • Do I have to follow these if my program follows PCADV's or PCAR's standards?

    1. If you receive RASA and/or VOJO you must comply with the new standards.

    2. If you receive VOCA, and are not governed by PCAR, PCADV, MADD or NCA standards, you must comply with the new standards.

    3. If your only mission is to serve Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving, or children and your program must follow standards of PCAR, PCADV, MADD or NCA and receives only VOCA, then we must see documentation of compliance with any of the above organizations. There will still be a review of compliance with the federal VOCA regulations.

    4. If you receive VOCA and are providing services to victims of other crimes, you must comply with the new standards.

  • My program will be monitored this year. Will I be monitored on the new standards?

    No. The new standards are effective January 2009. If you are monitored in 2008 you will be monitored using the current standards. If you are willing to serve as a pilot county for the new standards, please contact Ms. Natalie Novotny-Goles at (717) 265-8735.

  • When will I receive a copy of the new standards?

    The new standards are posted on the PCCD webpage. Go to Click on Victims of Crime on the left navigation bar. Then click on Are you a victim service provider?

  • I'm a one-person program. I don't know how I will find the time to make all of the changes required?

    Training will be offered during 2008 at eight locations across the state. At the training you will receive resources to assist you with implementing changes to your current polices, procedures, and handouts. If your program is in compliance with the current standards, we anticipate the changes will not take a lot of time.

  • How soon are the trainings? I am a one-person program and will be on extended

    We anticipate that trainings will start in late May or early June and continue through the fall. Programs that will be monitored in 2009 will be given first priority for the early trainings. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Ms. Natalie Novotny-Goles at (717) 265-8735.

  • If I only receive VOCA funding and follow PCADV, PCAR, MADD and/or NCA standards should I come to the training?

    Unless you are planning to merge with an organization that receives RASA or VOJO funds or that uses VOCA funds to provide services to other crime victims, the training will not be a good use of your time and you should not come.

  • Now that the standards are consolidated, how do they apply to my program? I only receive VOJO.

    OVS has a team of staff, monitors, writers and trainers working on the rollout of the new standards. The team will identify which standards or parts of standards apply to a specific funding stream. If your program is not required to provide a specific service, you will note it as "not applicable" for your program.

  • Do the new standards require any changes in how we deliver services?

    Not really. You may need to modify some record keeping or change language in some of your written materials. However the team working on the rollout of the new standards is developing templates for letters, brochures, checklists, etc. You will be able to adapt these as you choose.