Local Policy Board (LPB)

The Local Policy Boards were created to encourage collective decision-making on the improvement of local services for victims of crime. The boards provide an opportunity for individuals in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and victim services to collaborate on meeting the needs of victims at the local level and an opportunity to recommend the distribution of state and federal dollars to address those needs.

VOCA Specific LPB Forms

RASA Specific LPB Forms

VOJO Specific LPB Forms

Local Policy Board Chairpersons Manual

Local Policy Board Orientation Packet Checklist

Request for Reconsideration of LPB Action Form

Local Policy Board Chair Response Form

Written Purpose/Mission of the Local Policy Board

Attendance Requirements

Conflict of Interest Policy

Proxy Voting Requirement

Description of Information Dissemination and Decision-making Processes

Chair Selection and Length of Term

Local Policy Board Membership and Attendance List

Synopsis of Each Currently Funded Victims' Services Program

VOCA 2013-2015 LPB Process Q & A