Online Courses through Element K


*Element K services are not available at this time. Element K provides e-learning courses, reference materials and virtual labs, which allow agencies to supplement and expand on the other types of training provided by OA.       

Course Offerings

Element K offers courses on a variety of subjects, ranging from graphic design to MS Office applications to IT security. Commonwealth employees can check the Element K course listing to see what is available, as well as the commonwealth-negotiated pricing. [Note: You must log in to view course information.  Select 'Log In' from the left navigation and enter your CWOPA user name and password, if necessary.]

How to Get Element K

Agencies must purchase licenses and pay applicable course fees for each employee interested in taking Element K courses.  Licenses can be obtained through the Dell software contract.  Each commonwealth agency is responsible for procuring and administering its own licenses.  Partial-year licenses are also available.

The view the contract, go to eMarketplace. Select the Search Contracts option, then search by description for ‘Enterprise Software.’ Select the Dell contract from the results. 

Element K provides two levels of computer-based training:

  • Course Collection: access to e-learning courses
  • Complete Collection: access to e-learning courses + electronic reference books + virtual labs (if available)

For More Information

Gregory Harkins, Element K
610.399.0702 office
610.717.6699 mobile
585.295.4636 fax