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E-PAR Information

The E-PAR (Enterprise Position/Personnel Action Request) is the process used to assist supervisors in requesting services from HR, as well as to facilitate the processing of SAP transactions within the HR Service Center.

The Fill a Vacant Position E-PAR Worksheet should be used by hiring managers to collect required information from new hires and is available to assist with completion of the E-PAR submission. Please do not attach this worksheet to the E-PAR.

When 10 or more personnel actions are required to be entered at one time, agencies are encouraged to utilize the Mass E-PAR Form, and attach it to a single E-PAR action.


Log into one of the below reporting tools to view the current status of your agency’s E-PARs.

Reference Materials


Action Simulation (SIM) Link
Change Supervisor Position
  • Change Supervisor SIM
  • Create a Position
  • Create a Position SIM
  • Delimit a Position
  • Delimit a Position SIM
  • Reclassify/Reallocate a Filled Position
  • Reclassify/Reallocate Filled Position SIM
  • Reclassify/Reallocate a Vacant Position
  • Reclassify/Reallocate Vacant Position SIM
  • Update Roles
  • Update Roles SIM
  • Separation
  • Separation SIM
  • Fill a Vacant Position
  • Fill Vacant Position New Hire SIM
  • Fill Vacant Position Promotion/Demotion SIM
  • Other/Please Explain (position action)
  • Financial Disclosure Override SIM
  • CDL Coding Update SIM
  • Other/Please Explain (employee action)
  • Work Schedule Change SIM
  • Alternative Discipline SIM
  • End/Extend Probation SIM
  • Special Pay Action SIM
  • *in order to view the simulations, you must be using Windows Media Player version 11 or higher

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    For questions about the E-PAR system, contact the HR Service Center at 877.242.6007.