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Pennsylvania Black Bear Harvest Certificate

Congratulations on joining a select group of hunters who have harvested a Pennsylvania black bear, one of the state’s most impressive big game animals. The fill-in-the-field certificate accessible from this webpage will be the only documentation you can obtain from the Pennsylvania Game Commission regarding your trophy. To learn the age of your bear, please go this website’s Black Bear Age Harvest Data Page. You can access your bear’s age by entering the year it was harvested and the seal number you were given when the bear was processed at the check station. Age data is posted typically no later than the end of October of the year following your bear harvest.  Again, congratulations on taking an outstanding trophy from Penn’s Woods and for being an important part of our hunting heritage.  To download the Pennsylvania Black Bear Harvest Certificate click here.

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Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Ave, Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110-9797