Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett


Office of the Receiver for the City of Harrisburg

The Receiver is tasked with developing and submitting a fiscal recovery plan for the City of Harrisburg to the Commonwealth Court, Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary, Harrisburg city council and the mayor. Learn More

Governor's Advisory Commission on African American Affairs

The Governor relies on the Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs to advise him of issues affecting the commonwealth’s African American community, and what solution-oriented steps can be taken to ensure inclusion of African Americans at all levels within the commonwealth. Learn More

Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs

To ensure the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is responsive to the needs and concerns of its Asian American citizens, the Governor turns to the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs to jointly plan, develop, and promote initiatives that will benefit Asian American Pennsylvanians. Learn More

Governor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs

The Governor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs is the commonwealth's advocate agency for its Latino residents. The commission is tasked with working to ensure that the administration attune to the needs of the Latino community, and helps afford it the opportunities it needs to continue to prosper in Pennsylvania. Learn More

Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services

The purpose of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services is to review, evaluate and assess state veterans’ programs in collaboration with senior staff from state agencies and commissions to increase information sharing, ensure program fidelity, coordinate complementary programs and facilitate meaningful enhancements in service accessibility to veterans’ benefits and services within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Learn More

Governor’s Commission on Children & Families

The Governor’s Commission on Children & Families was created to assist the Governor and Pennsylvania’s Children's Cabinet with addressing a cross-system of issues facing Pennsylvania’s families, including improving children’s mental health and well-being, supporting parents, strengthening families and preventing youth violence. Learn More

Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

The mission of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is to improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians by empowering them to make lifestyle choices and changes that lead to more active, healthy lives at home, at work, at school and at play. Learn More

Governor’s Cabinet and Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities

The Governor’s Cabinet for People with Disabilities was established to make recommendations to the Governor on policies, procedure regulations and legislation that assist people with disabilities in Pennsylvania. This Cabinet serves as a liaison to this specific population, and serves as a resource to entities under the Governor’s jurisdiction, ensuring equality for people with disabilities in all facets of state government within the commonwealth.

Governor’s Advisory Council on Rural Affairs

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Rural Affairs works toward ensuring all rural Pennsylvania communities and their residents have equal access to opportunities and resources, and the capacity to determine their future and sustain a rewarding quality of life. Learn more

Governor's Green Government Council

The mission of the Governor's Green Government Council is to help state agencies lead the commonwealth toward a goal of zero emissions to air, land, and water by having all commonwealth employees routinely consider the environmental effects of their policies, practices, and daily actions at all levels of decision making. Learn more

Governor's Advisory Council for Hunting, Fishing & Conservation

The Governor's Advisory Council on Hunting, Fishing & Conservation aims to foster open and forthright dialogue among a diverse group of conservation-minded individuals, in order to provide the Governor with sound advice on matters pertaining to the conservation of the commonwealth’s natural resources and outdoor heritage.

Office of Administration

The Office of Administration's mission is to serve the Governor and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by providing excellent and efficient public services using leading technologies and a dedicated, diverse workforce. Learn more

Office of the Budget

The Office of the Budget is primarily responsible for preparation of the Governor's budget; implementation of it after legislative enactment; and maintenance of the commonwealth's uniform accounting, payroll and financial reporting systems. The office is also responsible for evaluating special policy issues and changes. Learn more

Office of Communications & Press

The Governor's Office of Communications & Press serves as the liaison between the Governor and local, state, national and international media. The office also plans and manages the Governor’s many public undertakings, in close cooperation with the Governor’s Office of Scheduling & Advance. Learn more

Office of the First Lady

The Office of the First Lady coordinates the First Lady’s public events and outreach projects with both community organizations and governmental agencies throughout the state. Its staff implements projects undertaken by the First Lady and supports policy initiatives advanced by the Governor. Learn more

Office of General Counsel

The representation that the Office of General Counsel provides is unlike any found in the private sector. It represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Governor, members of the Cabinet, and the executive and independent agencies that manage the business of the commonwealth. Learn more

Office of the Inspector General (PA-OIG)

The men and women of the PA-OIG work everyday to prevent or find fraud, waste, and abuse in the commonwealth’s programs, operations, and contracts. The PA-OIG proudly aspires to ensure that hard-earned tax dollars are being put to good use by government agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction, and by recipients of public benefit programs. Learn More

Office of Public Liaison

The Office of the Public Liaison (OPL) is the state’s premiere public affairs office. It works with individuals, groups and agencies throughout Pennsylvania, to recognize and promote the public advocacy of issues that affect every resident of the commonwealth, including the nomination and appointment process for the more than 700 Pennsylvania state boards and commissions. Learn more

Office of Scheduling & Advance

The Office of Scheduling and Advance works closely with the Governor to develop and implement his daily schedule. The office also manages the hundreds of invitations the Governor receives each week, and coordinates with each event’s staff to ensure that all logistical arrangements are appropriately handled. Learn More

Pennsylvania Commission for Women

The mission of the Pennsylvania Commission for Women is to identify and advance the diverse needs and interests of Pennsylvania women and girls; to inform, educate and advocate for its constituents; and to provide opportunities to empower women and girls to reach their highest potential. Learn more

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

The mission of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts is to foster and help fund the excellence, diversity, and vitality of the arts in Pennsylvania, and to broaden the availability and appreciation of these arts throughout the state. Learn more

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC)

As a teacher and champion of its heritage, the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission works to preserve the commonwealth's memory for citizens of Pennsylvania and the nation. It also helps enrich people's lives by helping them to understand Pennsylvania's past, to appreciate the present, and to embrace the future. Learn more