Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett


Who do I contact to be approved for or if I have not received Unemployment Compensation?

For problems with Unemployment Compensation, visit the Office of Unemployment Compensation at the Department of Labor and Industry at or call 717.783.3140

What do I do if my local government has cited me for code violations that I do not agree with?

Regrettably, your borough council has the sole legal authority to regulate parking, trash dumping, and zoning in your community, as these are not issues handled at the state level. Therefore, we suggest you contact your borough council directly with your concerns or attend their next public meeting to see if they can address these matters on your behalf.

How do I get approved for Social Security Disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA), a Federal agency not under the jurisdiction of the Governor, determines eligibility for Social Security benefits. For more assistance with Social Security issues, we recommend you contact your U.S. Congressman’s office. To determine who you representative, visit the United State House of Representatives website There are, however, many state assistance programs that can help Pennsylvanians facing financial difficulties. We strongly encourage you to visit your County Assistance Office, talk to a Program Services Advocate at the toll-free Pennsylvania HELPLINE, 1-800-692-7462 or visit: The HELPLINE is available between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Who do I contact about problems with my benefits?

For questions about benefits, visit the Department of Human Services website at or call 1-800-692-7462

How to do I obtain a pardon?

Since the Governor cannot sign a pardon without a favorable decision from the Board of Pardons, we recommend you contact the Board of Pardons directly at 717-787-2596 or visit for more information.

Who do I contact about unfair rulings or outcomes in a judicial proceeding?

While the Governor heads the Executive Branch of government, he does not have jurisdiction over the Judicial Branch. If you need to obtain legal advice, please contact the PA Bar Association at 1-800-932-0311 and they can offer you assistance with obtaining counsel at little or no cost to you. If you feel your lawyer acted inappropriately on your behalf, please contact the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court by visiting Additionally, for complaints concerning a Judge, please visit for further assistance.

What is the Governor doing to protect our water and other natural resources from natural gas extraction?

The Marcellus Shale and other natural gas resources provide us with tremendous economic and energy independence opportunities, but we must be sure to proceed in a way that protects Pennsylvania’s environment and safeguards the health and welfare of our citizens. With that in mind, Governor Corbett created the Governor’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission, composed of government and industry leaders and environmental experts, to develop a comprehensive, strategic proposal for the responsible and environmentally sound development of the natural gas industry. After studying the Shale commission’s report, Governor Corbett has unveiled a safe, jobs friendly proposal for Marcellus Shale development that is currently being considered by the General Assembly.

Why don’t we impose an additional severance tax on natural gas companies ?

While Pennsylvania has not enacted a severance tax on natural gas extraction, gas drilling companies in the Commonwealth are subject to the same taxes as all businesses. This includes our 6% state sales tax and our corporate income tax which, at 9.99%, is the highest in the nation.

At what level are we funding Pennsylvania public schools?

While many claim funding is being taken away from schools this year, the 2011-12 budget actually increases the state basic education funding from last year.

In 2008, the state budgeted $5.2 Billion dollars for Basic Education. Because of the Obama stimulus plan, overall education funding rose, but only because one-time stimulus funding was used. The Rendell Administration actually decreased the state’s share of Basic Education. Districts were warned not to use this stimulus boost for anything other than one-time expenditures. Unfortunately, many used it for regular operating budget – some hired – and behaved as if that money would always be there. Governor Corbett actually increased the state’s share of Basic End funding back to 2008 levels. The budget passed on June 30th adds another $128 million in funding.

After these adjustments, the state is now allocating $5.355 billion toward Basic Education statewide. The budget also adds in a $100 million to fund Accountability Block Grants. Many school districts can use this money to fund kindergarten. The 2011-12 Pennsylvania Budget spends more in state dollars on Basic Education than ANY OTHER BUDGET in the history of the Commonwealth.

What is the Governor doing to share the burden, cut costs and increase accountability?

Governor Corbett understands that in these tough times, it’s best to lead by example. That is why the Governor’s office took an almost 4 percent cut to its budget, the Governor himself has submitted his cost of living increase to the Treasury, and staff will not receive any cost of living adjustments or raises in the foreseeable future.