Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett
Governor Corbett greating workers


It's a simple equation: Energy=Jobs. The natural gas industry has the potential to be a driving force in the Commonwealth's economy for years to come. This one industry has already created 72,000 new job hires and, since 2007, has generated more than one billion dollars in natural gas related revenue.

This new law will help create jobs for Pennsylvanians. It provides increased uniformity and fairness of local regulation that any business needs to succeed. It calls for partnering with academic institutions and industry to develop training needed for present and future job opportunities, as well as better aligning unemployed residents with existing job opportunities. In addition, the act helps expand relationships with regional economic development partners to help suppliers adapt and market their products and meet industry standards. And, most importantly, this act provides long-term regulatory predictability for job-creators and capital investors who want to invest in Pennsylvania.

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