Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

Putting Pennsylvanians Back to Work

Governor Corbett discusses Jobs and Progress
Tom Corbett has made job growth his number one priority and today we are seeing the results from his common sense reforms.

    • Since taking office, Pennsylvania businesses have created more than 130,000 private sector jobs.

The Governor has fought for Pennsylvania workers and Pennsylvania employers who want to grow and create jobs for our residents.

    • The Governor created the Keystone Works program which allows Pennsylvanians who are on unemployment to continue to collect benefits while also receiving training from a local employer who is hiring.

    • When the federal government reduced unemployment benefits, the Governor was able to commit more state dollars to help Pennsylvanians in need as they search for employment.

    • Pennsylvania launched JobGateway, a job search and placement website that helps Pennsylvanians looking for work identify opportunities near them, find training for positions they have interest in and find out what industries are hiring the most in their region.

    • The Governor continues to support business assistance programs that are directly tied to job growth and help businesses provide useful training to their workers.

    • The Governor reformed the state’s county assistance offices, placing an emphasis on job placement to ensure Pennsylvanians in need are seeing results.

    • The Governor eliminated the inheritance tax on small business and family farms, meaning these businesses which drive Pennsylvania’s economy can be passed down to family members without an egregious tax attached.

    • The Governor championed Act 13 which allows for the environmentally safe development of our natural gas industry which employs more than 200,000 people in direct and indirect positions statewide.

    • Through his strong support of the Life Science industry, this emerging job market continues to grow in the commonwealth, currently employing more than 80,000 Pennsylvanians.