Live Streaming Wildlife Cameras

The Game Commission has partnered with Pix Controller to provide a unique opportunity to observe and learn about wildlife in ways few have done before – through remote live streaming wildlife cameras.

Please take note that these video streams are unedited and there may be situations that are difficult to watch unfold. Though these camera systems are well designed, there will also be times when the signal is interrupted. We appreciate your patience as we deploy and refine these systems and hope you enjoy this glimpse into the wild.

Northampton County osprey nest

The osprey was listed as extirpated from Pennsylvania in 1979. A reintroduction program during the 1980s and '90s prompted a reclassification to endangered and eventually an upgrade to threatened status. Learn more about this threatened species on our Osprey page.

Hays, Pittsburgh bald eagle nest

Visit our Bald Eagle page for more information about this project and to view a video of the camera installation and a short film on the 30-year restoration of bald eagles in Pennsylvania.

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