Opens Application for Shared-Work Plan Instructions (Claimant) in PDF format


Application For UC Benefits (Claimant)

Attached is an application for Unemployment Compensation (UC) Benefits. You are receiving this application because the department has approved a "Shared–Work Plan" for your employer.
Under a Shared–Work Plan, an employer temporarily reduces the work hours of a group of employees as an alternative to a layoff. Employees covered by the plan receive a percentage of their normal UC amount while they work the reduced schedule, assuming they are otherwise eligible for UC.
The percentage by which each employee's work hours are reduced is called the "reduction percentage." The reduction percentage must be the same for all employees covered by the plan. For example, if an employee normally works 40 hours per week, and the reduction percentage is 20 percent, then the employee's hours are reduced by 20 percent and he or she would work 80 percent of 40 hours, or 32 hours per week, under the Shared–Work Plan. If an employee in the same unit works 30 hours per week, then he or she would work 80 percent of 30 hours, or 24 hours per week.
For each week included in the plan, an employee receives a percentage of his or her UC Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) that is equal to the reduction percentage. For example, if the employee's WBA is $200 and the employee's hours are reduced by 20 percent under the plan, the employee would receive 20 percent of $200 or $40 in Shared–Work UC.
Many of the provisions of the UC Law that apply to regular UC also apply to Shared–Work UC. Shared–Work UC:
  • Requires an employee to serve an unpaid waiting week
  • Requires employees to be financially eligible for UC
  • Is subject to deductions that apply to regular UC (for example, deductions for child support or a UC overpayment)
  • Is payable with dependent's allowance under the criteria applicable to regular UC
NOTE: For weeks when the Shared–Work Plan is in effect the employer will file claims for Shared–Work UC on your behalf, and on behalf of the other participating employees. However, there may be certain circumstances where your eligibility for UC will be determined under the regular UC eligibility criteria. If any of these circumstances arise, you will be instructed to file a claim on your own behalf and a claim form will be sent to you.
If you wish to receive Shared–Work UC benefits during the period when the Shared–Work Plan is in effect, please complete the enclosed application and return it to your employer in a sealed envelope with your name written on the front of the envelope.
Auxiliary aids and services are available on request to individuals with disabilities.
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