Residential Rates

Consistent with the Commonwealth Court’s decision in Adams County Interfaith Hous. Corp. v. Prevailing Wage Appeals Bd., 981 A.2d 352 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2009), 662CD08_9-29-09.pdf, and federal government practice on Davis-Bacon Act or Related Act projects, the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance will be issuing residential prevailing wage rates for the following types of Residential Type Construction:
Residential projects involving the construction, alteration or repair of single-family houses or apartment buildings of no more than four stories in height. This includes all incidental items such as site work, parking areas, utilities, streets and sidewalks.
Town or row houses
Apartment buildings (four stories or less)
Single-family houses
Mobile-home developments
Multi-family houses
Residential-type student housing (other than apartment buildings more than four stories or dormitories)
Questions concerning whether a particular project qualifies as residential construction can be directed to the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance at 800-932-0665,
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