The Special Kids Network System of Care


Because of SKN System of Care’s statewide presence, we are active in YOUR COMMUNITY.

PYPF Schedules

Here, you will find information about the Parent, Youth and Professional Forums, a statewide activity occurring in each region. Parents, youth and professionals meet at the Forums and forward their recommendations for service delivery that is accessible, appropriate and culturally competent to the Department of Health. The Parent Advisor to the Bureau of Family Health administers and conducts the Forums, and the Regional Coordinator facilitates the local meetings. A schedule of local and central meetings is listed as the dates become available, and you will be able to locate them by region.

Community Events

We are also aware of activities that may interest you in your community, your region and your state. Many of these activities are listed here because of your input. We welcome you to contact us about activities you know of that would be of interest to other families, youth and children. We will make sure the events are posted to the Community Events section. You will also find a listing of events that identifies local as well as state level happenings for families, parents, children, and youth to attend.

Community Stories

The SKN System of Care Coordinators are aware of their regions’ histories and the current stories of families’ lives in their regions and, with permission, share those stories here. You may also have some news stories or stories of your own to share with others on this site. Please contact us to let us know what’s happening in your neighborhood!