Pennsylvania First Lady Susan Corbett


No story of Pennsylvania's first family would be complete without the inclusion of the pets that have lived in the Governor's Residence. Over the years the Governors and their families have brought to the Residence a wide variety of pets, each leaving a lasting impression on the character of the people’s house.

Penny and Harry

Harry and Penny
The newest additions to the Corbett family are two Airedales, Penny and Harry. Born in Pennsylvania, Penny and Harry arrived at the Residence in July 2011. The names were given to them by Pennsylvania children who won a statewide “Name the Pups” contest in August 2011. Penny and Harry can be seen around the Residence, running the hallways, or out playing in the gardens that make the Governor’s Residence such a special place.

Mandy, Ginger, and Maggie

Ginger and Mandy   Maggie and Ginger
Mandy and Ginger were two golden retrievers Governor and Judge Rendell brought to the Residence in 2003. Sadly, Mandy passed away in 2007, and shortly afterward the Rendell's brought Maggie to the Residence.


Tigger, a tabby cat, lived with Governor Schweiker and his family from 2001 to 2003.

Allie and Molly

Allie and Molly
Allie was a yellow Labrador retriever that moved into the Residence with the Governor and Mrs. Ridge in 1995. Later the family was joined by Molly, another yellow Labrador retriever. The Ridges' pet family was expanded further when Molly gave birth in the Residence basement to six puppies, Pilgrim, Cabot, Miss Priss, Babe, Sheila, and Gus, who became a permanent member of the family. Along with the dogs, the Ridges also had a parakeet and a hedgehog.


Governor Dick Thornburgh brought Charlie to the Residence in 1979, a mixed spaniel who was adopted for a $3.50 donation.

Cleo and Smokey

These two black chows were brought to live in the Residence by Governor Milton Shapp, who lived in the Residence from 1971 to 1979.


The first pet to reside in the current Residence was Alec. This bassett hound was brought to live in the Residence when Governor Raymond P. Shafer and First Lady Jane Davies Shafer moved in with their youngest daughter, Jane, in 1968.

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