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Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Activity

Initial and Continued Claims by Workforce Investment Area

The Initial and Continued Claims by Workforce Investment Area (WIA) provides a count of claims by WIA and county based on the address of the claimant and other record detail. Only regular unemployment claims are included, thus, federal and military claims are excluded, as are claims associated with other unemployment compensation programs such as Extended Benefits and Emergency Unemployment Compensation.
The information provided in this report will not match previously produced local claims statistics as the data analysis for this report has enhanced the accuracy of claimant locations by utilizing supplementary data and new technology to increase and improve assigned county locations.
Initial Claims include all applications for a determination of entitlement to unemployment insurance benefits. (New, Additional & Transitional).
Continued Weeks Claimed is a count of claimant's weekly certification of eligibility for unemployment insurance during a claim series.
Note: The Excel file utilizes data grouping, and county detail can be revealed or hidden by utilizing the + and - outline symbols to the left of the spreadsheet.
Pennsylvania UC Activity - Initial Claims Excel PDF
Pennsylvania UC Activity - Continued Claims Excel PDF
Pennsylvania UC Activity - Initial Claims by Industry Excel PDF
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