Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

Investing in Education by Getting Pennsylvania out of the Liquor Business

Breaking up the state liquor monopoly gives Pennsylvania the unique opportunity to invest more dollars where we need them most…in our children and their future.

The Governor’s plan gives consumer’s choice and convenience, while making a historic investment in Pennsylvania children and schools.

The Plan: Choice and Convenience

    • Under the Governor’s plan, the entire liquor retail and wholesale system will be owned and operated by private entrepreneurs.

    • The plan will allow for Pennsylvanians to enjoy the same convenience and selection that virtually every other American has today.

    • The plan calls for auctioning 1,200 licenses for retail sales of wine and spirits by county.

    Grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, large retailers, and beer distributors can file an application to simply sell beer and wine and/or bid on one of the 1,200 licenses for wine and spirits.

    • The system created under the plan would allow for a business be a one stop retail shop where beer, wine, and spirits are sold under one roof.

    • Under the plan, six packs of beer can be sold by local beer distributors.

    • The proposal allows Pennsylvanians to ship wine to their homes.

    • Fines for selling to minors and visibly intoxicated persons will be significantly increased.

    • Liquor law enforcement programs under the State Police and Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement will receive a 22 percent funding increase.

    • Alcohol treatment and prevention efforts will receive a 75 percent increase in funding.

Investing in Education

    • Thru the sale of the liquor retail licenses, the Governor’s plan calls for an historic $1 billion dollar investment in education.

    • The proceeds will create the Passport for Learning grant program which will fund:
    o School safety initiatives.

    o An early learning program called Ready by 3.

    o Individualized learning for students.

    o Science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) programs to strengthen our next generation of students.

Go to to find your legislator and tell them you support investing in education and getting Pennsylvania out of the liquor business.