Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

Jobs and Progress Through Infrastructure Investment

Transportation Plan
Our economy, quality of life and safety relies on keeping Pennsylvania’s transportation system well maintained. But in recent decades our customary way of funding transportation has fallen short of our needs.

And our needs are great.

The average bridge in our state is 51 years old. More than 4,000 of those are structurally deficient.

Our urban drivers are paying more to sit in congestion while our rural drivers continue to be detoured to avoid bridges that are closed and roads that are posted.

Businesses will continue to see their costs go up as they attempt to move their goods and services through our state meaning higher prices for consumers.

And our mass transit system has staggered under growing demand, aging infrastructure and a lack of funding.

Pennsylvania’s transportation concerns are not new. This problem has been building for three decades.

Left unaddressed, our transportation infrastructure challenges constitute a public safety concern. Currently, more than 31,000 buses carry 1.5 million children to school on our roads and bridges each day.

Governor Corbett is committed to ending the cycle of short term fixes and one time patches.

The Governor has proposed a bold plan that helps to create jobs, preserve public safety and protect our economy and the commerce that keeps it moving.

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