Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

A Trained and Educated Workforce

Governor Corbett’s proposed budget makes historic investments in Pennsylvania students and our schools. These investments are a reflection of the Governor’s commitment to ensures that Pennsylvania can compete in the new, global economy with a trained and educated workforce. Here are some of the highlights:

    Historic Investment in Basic Education: This year’s budget includes a $90 million increase to basic education funding, and includes the most state funding ever spent on basic education in the history of Pennsylvania.

    An Innovative School Funding Plan: Governor’s budget includes a $1 billion grant program for Pennsylvania schools funded by getting the state out of the liquor business.

    Investing in Early Childhood Development: The budget includes a $4.5 million increase for Pre-K counts early development program.

    Helping Children in Need: The budget includes a $1.9 million increase for Head Start supplemental assistance.

    Advancing Innovation in Education: The Governor’s budget contains increases for PA Charter Schools for the Deaf and Blind

    Protecting Higher Education: The budget preserves$1.58 billion in funding for state owned and related colleges and universities, allowing these institutions to keep tuition affordable.

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